17 03 2009

twitter1Last week was the first time that I felt like Twitter was taking over the world.

While I’ve been using Twitter since late last year – and by using I mean that I had registered and had logged on a few times to see what the fuss was about, and make a few small attempts at getting my hands dirty. But admitedly these attempts only seem to coincide with Twitter popping up in the media, not by an actual desire to be involved in the tweeting.

While a lot of my friends remain loyal and addicted to Facebook, none of them have yet to make a move to Twitter – so my list of people that I follow has remained work colleagues, people of interest in my industry and Obama (for awhile), and so may explain why twittering has not become more important in my on-line interaction.

But last month I decided to give Twitter a real go – especially with the talk of many brands deciding to make a presence on the micro-blogging site.

And then the Twitter takeover began…

It began with references to it in the general media, including Rove last Sunday night, and then on Kyle and Jackie O’s radio show.

Then the whole ad:tech conference seemed to doing more twittering than listening. The panel discussion “The Relevance Of Twitter” which included seasoned twitterers Jye Smith, Laurel Papworth, Mike Hickinbotham, Gavin Heaton – had a very impressive turnout, and demonstrated how undeniable and real the force of Twitter is.

And the final sign was over the weekend where four (less than tech interested) friends on separate occasions asked me “what the hell is this Twitter thing?”.

Since May 2007, Twitter’s popularity has continued a steady growth, with Forrester Research estimating that there are between 4 – 5 million users in November 2008, and last month placed Twitter third behind Myspace and Facebook, with 8 million users.

Many brands feel disillusioned with their attempts and lack of success on other social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace – Twitter has recently emerged as the platform of choice for brands to reach consumers. And like the other popular social networking sites with an undeniably large community of users, it has proven to be an attractive landscape for both advertisers and marketers alike. The question on everyone’s lips now is – “How do we make money out of this?”. But I hope beyond hope that the solution to this isn’t something as intrusive or annoying as banner ads – but simply that brands want to talk with their customers.

What I find amazing is that from the popularity of Twitter has created hundreds of online applications – dedicated to improving your Twitter experience.

  • Tweet-Rank which helps you “Learn about the quality of your tweets by finding out which ones won or lost followers”.
  • Twitscoop which “shares what’s hot on Twitter at any given moment”.
  • Twitter Local: “Allows you to see tweets from Twitter users in a specific location”.
  • Mr. Tweet: “Mr. Tweet is a personal networking assistant for Twitter, helping you find relevant followers”.
  • Tweet O’Clock: “Trying to reach someone? Tweet O’Clock will help you find the best time to get their attention”.
  • Tweetburner: “Use Tweetburner to share links, and you can track their usage.”
  • This program will conveniently update all of your social networks at once.

Twitter Grader:Twitter Grader: Twitterholic: TweetStats: Twitter Friends: Twinfluence: Tweetwasters:Tweet-Rank: Mr. Milestone: Retweetrank: Tweetbeep: @myflightinfo: Twitterverse: Twitscoop: Twitbuzz: StrawPoll: Retweetist: Monitter:TweetNews: TwitterBuzz: Tweetscan: Twitter Local: Twubble: MyCleenr: Follow Cost: Tweepler: Just Tweet It: TweetWheel: Summize: Tweet O’Clock:Just Signal: TweepSearch: Friend or Follow: TwitResponse: TwitterSnooze: Twitterless: Twilert:Tweetdeck:Twalala: Tweetburner: Twitpic:TwitterHawk: Acamin: Glue: TweeTube: twiggit: Timer: TwitterNotes: Remember the Milk: Tweetake: Nozbe: Toodledo: TrackThis: Joint Contact: Tempo: Tweet Later:OutTwit: Jott: MyMileMarker: 21Tweets: TwtTRIP: Tweet Answers: Twtvite: Vacatweet: plusplusbot: TrackDailyGoals: ConnectTweet: Tweeteorology: DreamTweet:Chipin: Xpenser: Twittertise: TwtQpon: CheapTweet: Tipjoy: SalesTwit: TweetWhatYouSpend: StockTwits: Qwitter: TweetPlot:Tweetwhatyoueat:gtFtr:SugarStats: FoodFeed:Add to Any: TwitThis: MyTwitter:Twitpress:TwitterCounter:TwitterFeed:

For a further explanation of these Twitter Tools, read 100 Twitter Tools To Help You Achieve All Your Goals – and they weren’t kidding…

To be continued…



3 responses

17 03 2009
Gavin Heaton

I am sure that Twitter will come through with a business model. There are some very smart folks involved there … and they just received additional funding which should keep them going for some time.

The challenge for us all now is to figure out how to play nicely in this space by helping to bring brands closer to the people who are interested – and keeping them away from those who are not.

18 03 2009

Nice post. Glad you enjoyed the session.

21 03 2009
Matthew Ho

i know u mentioned a lot of twitter apps and i’m sure there’s heaps more, but hootsuite (previously known as brightkit) is a good one too. its free now but is moving to a paid model i believe. allows u to track your clickthroughs for URL’s and lets multiple people manage one account.

twitter is generating a lot of buzz, and i’m finding more and more of my friends starting to join it now. the early adopters have already jumped on, the rest of the crowd is coming…..

i’m also curious as to how twitter will generate money. u can see the changes they are starting to make now with integrated search box, being able to click down to see more tweets, etc.. i hope that ads are not the answer. i think the business model may be more along something like yammer.

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