Sense of community

27 03 2009

conversationIt never ceases to amaze me what people want to talk about on-line.

But a lesson in on-line communities is that you can never assume to know what people will care about or be passionate about.

An on-line community will be successful if you provide the right environment and content to allow people with the same interest to talk.

You must also encourage ALL conversation, both negative and positive, because what’s a conversation if it’s not balanced??

One of the on-line communities that I moderate at the moment talks mostly about supermarket matters, and while this may baffle a few of you, the truth is that groceries, food shopping and supermarkets are a large part of our weekly activity – why would we not feel motivated to talk about it at some point?

What conversations would you energised to be a part of?



One response

26 04 2010
¿Diversidad Condicional? No Gracias.

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