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24 04 2009

social-networkI feel quite strongly about the fact that Facebook is not a suitable fit for all brands.

For brands who are wanting to  set up some kind of presence within social media, Facebook is an easy to set-up, cheap option – but just by setting up a page within the popular social network, doesn’t really ensure that you are engaging with your customers effectively.

Just being on Facebook ≠ smart social media plan.

But that being said, there are tools within the platform which brands can use to engage their customers.

  1. Set up a group page, where your customers can become “Fans”
  2. Advertise on the right hand column
  3. Create an application

Mashable has a great article which explains the “5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Fan Page”

Do you think being a “Fan” equates to being an advocate of your brand?

Do you think that Facebook’s recent changes have improved and created a more suitable space for companies to exist?



5 responses

24 04 2009
Monty Hamilton

Agree… commitment to the conversation is critical, being there is an ‘enabler’ only.

Two things that are worth noting regarding Facebook:
i. It is truly ‘mass market’ (5.5-7m Australians?)
ii. The ‘richness’ of content that can be published is greater than other similar ‘places’

For me, it’s about being where the audience (customers, prospects, connectors and mavens) is, not making them come to you…

24 04 2009
Posts about Mashable as of April 23, 2009 » The Daily Parr

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24 04 2009
KerrieAnne Christian

did anyone click on the ads in Facebook where you could win tickets to Pink’s concerts – a read of the fineprint revealed that part of the deal for entering the competition was that you would be agreeing to getting aka paying for several premium sms texts each week on your mobile

anyway having a brand on facebook is probably a similar learning journey experienced by those that thought they could set up a static internet page 10 years ago and the customers would flock in .. only to be disappointed .. a more sophisticated engaging approach needed
– and so the debate of economists following Say and those following Keynes …

1 05 2009

Definitely missed that gem on Facebook! I wonder how many people got caught up in that scam? Advertising which plays on the fact that most people will not bother to read the fine print, should be kept away from social networks all together.

I definitely agree that brands creating a presence on Facebook can create a very one dimensional conversation with their customers, I find that very few people want to interact with companies within the walls of their personal social network.

2 05 2009
KerrieAnne Christian

some of the “right side of screen” ads on Facebook seem fleeting (eg @CouncilGripe using it to promote its Twitter presence)
– unlike Pink concert ticket prize competition ads which kept reappearing on Facebook – as an M-Commerce promo
– had some exposure to M-Commerce-Premium SMS subscription service last year when one of our prepaid mobiles was always out of credit – got it sorted & discovered more workings of M-Commerce, which meets a consumer need, provided it is transparent

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