The first step is admitting you have a problem…

1 05 2009

internet-addictionDo you check Facebook >20 times per day?

Do you Tweet >15 times per day?

Is Facebook and Twitter the first and last things you check in your day?

Do you feel closer to your followers, than you do your own family and friends?

When something happens in your life, minor or significant, is your first urge to update your status?

Then you may have a problem…

With social networking, enterprise 2.0, and the all things digital seemingly everywhere – it may be time to take a break. Especially if it seems to be taking over our lives.

Most of us not only use these platforms for leisure, we are constantly using them for work as well.

Elizabeth Cohen detailed in her recent article “Five Clues that you are addicted to Facebook” some very serious examples of social networks becoming close to addiction.

Even Sarah Browne, of Guru of New blog, recently gave up Facebook for Lent, allowing her to devise “Seven Signs You May be Ready for a Social Media Detox” with a clear mind.

As I’m in the business of Social Media, how do you find the happy medium between healthy usage and obsession?

How can you even be sure that you have crossed the line between the two?

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3 responses

1 05 2009
Gavin Heaton

I am always a little concerned with these types of studies – the ones that suggest that there is “normal” way of adapting to new technologies and new social conditions. I have been actively using some form of social technology for around 20 years. How do I keep up with it? I incorporate the valuable elements into my life – the rest I discard.

It’s like this quote from Ad Age: “people who live near train lines find ways to adjust to the noise”. Really, we can adapt to anything.

1 05 2009

Yes agree, you have to be wary of the articles that claim doom and gloom for our future!

I think that it is an issue of internal dissonance. If you feel bad or guilty about your usage, you probably have a problem.

How do you know which elements of social technologies not to waste your time on? Even the useless elements can be a tempting time waster…

7 05 2009
Gavin Heaton

I try to listen to people who are smarter than me. Then I can learn from their lessons 😉

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