Writer’s block…..

16 02 2010

So you take a little break – you feel like you deserve it after a busy year.

Then a brand spanking new year arrives. You are fresh and motivated, ready to tackle the year ahead.

But you tell yourself that not everyone’s back from holidays, you should really wait to allow everyone to get back into the swing of it.

Then the work piles up, the greater the distractions.

The niggling guilt starts to pull at your sleeve – you tell yourself “next week I will”.

But the days swiftly pass by and the longer you leave it, the more guilty you feel – the harder it is to login and start typing.

You tell yourself that your waiting for the right topic, you of course want to start the year of with nothing less than spectacular….

So here I am. Writing about what I can’t write about and the main problem at hand – writer’s block.

I’ve read numerous posts from the master’s who write so frequently it makes my head spin. They give their tips for how to stay motivated, disciplined and where to get your material from – unfortunately for me, reading about writer’s block only distracted me from my actual writing while alleviating my guilt because at least I was trying to fix my problem…

I often experience the same reluctance and foot-dragging when writing content for communities. You want it to be perfect – engaging, insightful, thought (and comment) provoking – single-handedly keeping your members entertained while at the same time encouraging future members to join. No pressure huh?

Then come the added hurdles (different with each community of course) – legal department sign off, managing internal bureaucracy, and certain ideas being squashed before they even leave the gates.

This is all part and parcel of being a community manager.

I find that my taunting writer’s block reappears when I am trying to write about a topic that I am inexperienced with or I’m daunted by its depth. Unfortunately there are no short cuts – the only solution that has worked for me is to research it, understand it thoroughly, find my position, and know my community members. And then? I start typing…

Do you have any tips for beating the pesky writer’s block?

How do you stay disciplined in your blogging/content writing?

Here are some posts that I found most helpful in my time of need –

Chris Brogan





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