10 Promises from a Community Manager

3 05 2010
  1. I promise to listen.
  2. I promise to respond to your questions.
  3. I promise to be on your corner of the ring – to act in your best interests, not the company’s.
  4. I promise to act on your ideas and suggestions where possible.
  5. I promise to keep the community clean, keep out any aggressive or mean members.
  6. I promise to give you exciting and thoughtful content that makes you want to come back.
  7. I promise to recognise the special members, who go that extra mile to help others (and me!), I’m forever grateful for your help
  8. I promise to protect your privacy online.
  9. I promise to moderate in a timely fashion and not leave you waiting.
  10. I promise to allow you to have your say, whether it’s good, bad, indifferent – I will not sugar coat the conversation.

Yours sincerely,




10 responses

3 05 2010
Jye Smith

Loved this. Delicious’d, Tweeted.

3 05 2010

Thanks Jye, much appreciated!

3 05 2010
karl schuster

Such a duty of fidelity should be a requirement for all community managers!

3 05 2010

Here, here!

8 05 2010
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19 05 2010
Gavin Heaton

In a way, point 3 is about translating the community’s interests to the company – but equally, there is a role to explain and position to the community, the action that the company has taken. It’s a tightrope – but in my view, the focus is to he be in the corner of the community participants – not taking on the fight.

20 05 2010

Thanks for your comment Gavin, tightrope is exactly the right word to describe this point!

30 05 2010
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3 06 2010
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8 07 2010

Good post. Useful for anyone moderating an online community.

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