Facebook Reinvented

24 03 2009

new-facebookWhy is Facebook trying to look like Twitter?

Why is Facebook drastically altering the usability of their platform – and in the process annoying a huge portion of their members?

While I understand that Facebook is trying to continually evolve, to reinvent the platform so that it remains a relevant and interesting social network – the response that I have read over the last two weeks has been mostly negative.

Sarah Perez, in her article  “Like Its Users, The New Facebook Is All Grown Up”, highlights some of the changes that have been implemented – explaining that most of these will actually benefit the users. Maybe it’s mostly the drastic change in design that most people are finding hard to deal with?

I know there was a similar response to changes made last year – but I found those changes weren’t nearly as intrusive as the ones made in this round.

Now offering a real-time stream – we are told by Peter X. Deng on the Facebook blog – but my stream hasn’t seemed to update since last week?

Facebook may be trying to keep up with it’s competition – but it needs to remember that their members liked the previous design, were loyal to the site, and went there over other networking platforms because of its ease of use, and the way that it connected them with people that they wouldn’t necessarily have kept in contact with.

With the huge number of comments, groups and voting applications that have appeared since the last changes – I hope that Facebook responds positively and listens to the feedback – as it is their users that have made Facebook one of the most popular social networking platforms worldwide.

Customer to Company

18 03 2009

angry2Possibly the funniest example of brands missing the mark – and customer’s not liking it. Worth a read, and I apologise if you have already seen this in an email – “An Open Letter to James Thatcher, Brand Manager, Proctor and Gamble“.

Also have a look at the recent Motrin Moms scandal – another example of corporate lack of understanding that caused a huge backlash with customers – will they ever learn?? A drastic drop in their sales might help…