Brands on Facebook

24 04 2009

social-networkI feel quite strongly about the fact that Facebook is not a suitable fit for all brands.

For brands who are wanting to  set up some kind of presence within social media, Facebook is an easy to set-up, cheap option – but just by setting up a page within the popular social network, doesn’t really ensure that you are engaging with your customers effectively.

Just being on Facebook ≠ smart social media plan.

But that being said, there are tools within the platform which brands can use to engage their customers.

  1. Set up a group page, where your customers can become “Fans”
  2. Advertise on the right hand column
  3. Create an application

Mashable has a great article which explains the “5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Fan Page”

Do you think being a “Fan” equates to being an advocate of your brand?

Do you think that Facebook’s recent changes have improved and created a more suitable space for companies to exist?