April Fool’s to you foolish people!

2 04 2009

dunceWhile I managed to come through April Fool’s relatively unscathed, it was quite surprising how much the Australian media as well as the on-line community got into the spirit of April 1st.

Mumbrella mentioned a few good spirited attempts with Donut King’s new Vegemite donut and nineMSN attempt to portray a healthier body image with a slimmed down Messenger icon – and with what looks like some newly acquired pecs and six pack???

But one attempt at April fooling it’s members may have gone a little too far…

SlideShare decided to join in on the fun and in the process embarrassed and humiliated a rather large number of it’s users. Adam Ostrow’s post on Mashable SlideShare’s April Fool’s Prank: Cruel, Or Just Unusual? describes the saga, which saw a lot of users humiliated in front of their peers by being included in the Twitter hashtag list #peoplewhofellforourprank after receiving an email addressed to “SlideShare Rockstars”.

Not only am I relieved that I have never posted a presentation onto my SlideShare account – I also feel a bit bad for those who ended up being shown up on Twitter. For many people, their Twitter account is filled with work colleagues, and acquaintances through their profession rather than their friends – maybe not the best place for SlideShare to play a prank on them?

Also how can SlideShare assume that all of their users who fell for the hoax is the sort of person who can take a joke in good fun?

Should people just learn to take a joke?

SlideShare is a platform that contains information used by mostly professional people – are they really the right people to be playing an April Fool’s prank on… really??